Cooking time roast pork

Cooking roast pork

The time of cooking roast pork in the oven or in casserole

How to prepare a roast pork: Put your roast pork in a dish. Sprinkle the roast with oil, salt and pepper. From time to time, sprinkle with the cooking juice and think of turning the roast pork on its four faces.
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Cooking in a pressure cooker
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Which pieces to choose to make a roast pork
What accompaniments for roast pork
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Which piece to choose to make a roast in the mouthfuls: The filet, the point, the spine, the ham, the shoulder, the palette. Choose meat with pale pink color and a fairly firm texture.

Tip: Remove the roast from the fridge 30 minutes before cooking. After cooking, put your meat to rest, roll it in aluminum foil for 10 min: this will tenderise the meat. Preferably choose pork from your area.

Sauces for roast pork: Find suggestions for sauces to accompany the roast beef sauce.

Accompaniment: Place potatoes in thin slices under the meat when baking or in a cocotte minute, you will have the accompaniment! You will find many recipes of roast pork, it accommodates well with potatoes, green beans, flageolets, beans and other dried vegetables as well as fruits such as prunes, pineapple.

When cooking roast pork in the oven, do not preheat the oven. Place the meat directly in a dish. Salt, pepper and bake at 180º (thermostat 6).

Calculation of the cooking time Ex: (0.850Kg = 850g)
Put the weight in Kg (here)> 0.850
The cooking time is:63.75 min
This calculation of the duration is given as an indication, the ideal is to check.

Roasting time of pork in the oven during:
Formula: 0.75 X weight 1000 g (1kg) = 750 or 75 min ie 1h15 min

Roast cooking time of 500 g = 37 minutes
Roasting time 750 g = 57 minutes
Roasting time 1 kg = 1h15 minutes
Roasting time of 1.2 kg = 1h30 minutes

Always check before the end of cooking if the meat is well cooked!

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In a pressure cooker, brown the roast pork with a fillet of oil on all sides, salt and pepper, cover, then let cook steadily roast.

Calculation of the cooking time Ex: (0.850Kg = 850g)
Put the weight in Kg (here)>
The cooking time is:
63.75 min
Roasting time of pork in casserole:
For 800 gr duration: 1 hour (on low heat)
For 1 kg lasts: 1h15 (at low heat)
For 1.2 kg lasts: 1h30 (on low fire)
For 1.4 kg lasts: 1h45 (at low heat)

Cooking roast heart of pork, roast pork cooking heart, cooking time roast pork to heart


To heat the roast pork with a heat probe, stick it into the heart of the meat. The cooking temperature at heart: 80ºc a cooked heart cook.

Remove the roast a few degrees below the desired temperature, as the temperature continues to rise after the oven is removed.

According to the USDA, pork of any type must be cooked at an internal temperature of 71 ° C (160 ° F). The amount of time it takes a roast pork to cook depends on several factors, including cutting the meat is boned and whether or not. FSIS has determined the safe cooking time for a variety of roast pork.

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