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Cooking Times

cooking time, cooking times

The website dedicated to cooking enthusiasts. As its name suggests, Cooking time will inform you quickly and accurately as possible on the temperature and the cooking time of the food you are cooking. Cooking time will offer several types of cooking: baking, steaming, baking casserole minute cooking steamed or cooking babycook and the cooking time for Clipso. Cooking times depend on your vegetables freshness, quality and youth of vegetables like asparagus for cooking, as well as how you cut. fresh vegetables straight from the garden, cook faster than their classmates of intensive cultivation.


In the cooking of the meat in the oven or pressure cooker, you can find information for cooking chicken, cooking roast beef or cooking the roast veal. Cooking baked fish, fish steaming or in foil.

Cooking-times.com time gives you the time and temperature as well as all information to cook your vegetables, meats and fish. However if you can not find cooking time of one of your favorite products, please contact us. We simply bring the most accurate answers to questions about cooking and small cooking tips and health information on the nutritional benefits of food. The team Cooking-times.com

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